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“Birdsong” by Cattle & Cane (Live)

UK based indie band Cattle & Cane come to for a second time today with the live rendition of their amazing track, “Birdsong”.  Close your eyes and let your imagination embrace the melodies and vocals flowing through the airwaves as you are taken to the Middlesbrough Town Hall to see them accompanied by the Northern Orchestra. You are pulled in an instant to the mesmerizing and magical world that resides in this soundscape and connect with the this must listen gem in a heartbeat. So listen closely, let the track connect with you and enjoy this amazing piece of indie gem.

“…As you walk down the road like you know where to go
You wish that you knew all the things you should know
Through the fire you will lead them from dark into light
You know just what to do
Don’t lose that sight…”

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