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“Scatman & Hatman” by Scatman John & Lou Bega

Lou Bega teamed up with Hamburg based producer Roland Spremberg and delivers a unique collaboration with the musical magician that was Scatman John to deliver the must listen hit that is “Scatman & Hatman”. With this refreshingly fun and inspiring soundscape, the talented German singer/songwriter/Mambo king is able to collaborate with a personal idol of his with the assistance of old DAT tapes with 25y old vocal recordings of the late John Larkin aka Scatman John. Thanks to this we mortals are given the chance to honestly, one of the best tracks of the year. There’s no denying that there’s something powerful, passionate, fun and beautifully inspiring in the melodies and lyrics of this must listen track. It is an immediate hit that captures the essence of both artists giving us the chance to listen to something out of this world and so perfect that your senses and body are bound to be overjoyed. So let the sound take over every inch of your body and jump into the nearest dance floor and let your body be free as you shake what your mama gave you. So hold my hand and I’ll guide you through this electric union of the sounds of the ’90s and today that is sure to make you smile and want more and more of it. Enjoy!

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