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“Mess” by Julian Lamadrid

New York based indie singer/songwriter Julian Lamadrid releases the cathartic and intoxicating must listen gem that is “Mess”. With this exquisite union of visuals and sounds we are pulled into a soundscape bound to be everlasting and filled with greatness. The track embraces the messy reality of the human experience delivering a one of a kind moment that is bound to stay with you forever. There’s something about this track and this video that just catches you off guard and in an instant transports you to the world that dwells within it. So listen closely, open up your eyes and pay attention for you are in for the ride of your life. Enjoy!

“I find that when producing a song, the sonic and visual aspects go hand in hand. In fact, it is quite hard to separate the two in my mind. So, when writing my song ‘Mess,’ the image of a bloodied-up boy, drunkenly stumbling the streets of New York instantly came to mind. The character within the film is an extension of myself. I do not present a hero, he is quite the opposite.”

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