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“Vienna” by Declan J Donovan

UK based singer/songwriter Declan J Donovan has crafted the most beautiful and amazing love story with his must listen musical masterpiece, “Vienna”. With this romantically charged soundscape, we are instantly pulled into a story that balances the surreal nature of a fairytale with the hopeful nature of reality in a way that is so intoxicating and beautiful. The track caresses not only the senses but allows our hearts to skip a beat or two as the story unfolds making us feel present as it all takes shape and form. Not only that but the visuals manage to perfectly complement the spirit of the melodies and lyrics in a way that is refreshing and welcomed. Honestly, he has hit the nail right in the head and there’s no denying that this track is an instant contender to be labeled the best of 2019. So listen closely, open your eyes as wide as you can and dive into the beauty of this soundscape for there’s something waiting for you. Enjoy!

“I was on tour last year and I always bring my Jack with me just to help out and have a mate there. Because he’s six foot four and really good looking, he gets all these girls talking to him every night. He’s supposed to be selling t-shirts but he’s not very good at it, cos he always talking to girls. But one night he met this girl from Vienna and they instantly fell in love. They spent the whole night talking.” 

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