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“Norfolk Drive” by Olivia Reid

New York City-based indie singer/songwriter Olivia Reid brings to us the nostalgic and inviting musical creation that is “Norfolk Drive”. With this refreshingly human soundscape, we are provided with a much-needed dose of escapism and understanding of life that is at times hard to find in the current music scene. The lyrics paint a picture that is so real and so relatable allowing our hearts and souls to not only feel the track but in a way live it and become one with it. The song unfolds beautifully into existence making us feel at home instantly within all the ingredients that make it up. Plus with the visuals, our imagination is able to find the perfect dose of inspiration to allow us to adventure into the world that she has crafted. So listen closely, pay attention to each and every moment that takes place in the music video and enjoy this amazing masterpiece of modern indie folk-pop.

“…I ride the train to the end of the line
See the West, and South, and North on the signs
Eastside wind-chill, negative five
Got a dead-end mind on Norfolk Drive
I’ve been hidin’ from time to time
No my dear, woven colors in my eyes
Eastside wind-chill, we’ll be just fine
At the end of the telephone lines…”

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