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“Pink in Heaven” by Liimo

UK based indie pop band Liimo come to us with a sweet dose of romantic vibes and honest verses with the gem that is “Pink in Heaven”. With this beautiful and refreshing soundscape, the talented band gives us all the feels as we say awww and feel thankful for the love we have or for the one that will come. The track is exactly what we need to hear in this current times as it steps away from the materialistic and finds itself walking through the beauty and the magic of what love should be. There’s something about this blend of melodies, lyrics, and visuals that simply captures your full attention and makes the butterflies in your stomach flutter once more. So dive into the hauntingly inspiring world within this must listen gem and fall in love all over again thanks to the assistance of this amazing track. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Kieran of Liimo”]’Pink in Heaven’ was the first song that we wrote as Liimo and the one that started it all off really. It’s about being with someone who’s down for the struggle and with you through thick and thin, finding comfort in the little things and not giving a care for the things you lack in the material sense.[/su_quote]

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