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“Out of your body” by Andreas Moe

Swedish singer/songwriter Andreas Moe opens up his heart and soul and delivers the marvelous gem that is “Out of your body”. With this track, the talented artist allows us to gain a better understanding of what mental illness feels like and by doing so lets us see the strength that lies behind it. He delivers verses that paint a human and real picture that we can connect with and feel as if we were part of the story that dwells within this track. The soundscape is so warm, so honest and so beautifully inviting that it personally delivers a refreshing and must have experience for not only music lovers but people in general. We can jump into it knowing that we won’t find judgment in his words but instead understanding and a home for our hearts to be calm at last. So listen carefully and enjoy one of the most amazing tracks you’ll hear this year.

“…But you gotta
Break if you gotta break
Hurt if you need the hurt
Cry if you wanna cry
Just get it out of your body, out of your body…”

It’s an important song that means so much to me since I know exactly what mental illness feels like, and how much strength and courage it takes to get better,”

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