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“Lay with me” by Moontower

Indie pop band Moontower come to Wolf in a Suit for the very first time with their mesmerizing and inspiring gem, “Lay with me”. With this soothing, playful and refreshingly inviting soundscape, the band pulls us into their world and tell us a story that is sure to make your heart skip a beat or two. Plus with the record-breaking visuals, the guys ensure that we are taken for a ride that will give our senses more than what was bargained for but it will be so worth it. They have truly crafted something so beautiful and so human that is sure to become an instant favorite for many music lovers around the world. So listen carefully, root them on as they succeed in their goal and enjoy not only their personal adventure but the amazing blend of melodies and lyrics of this must listen gem.

“Lay With Me captures the real energy of a Moontower live show. It’s been the closing song in our set and the track our fans who’ve seen us live love most, even though it’s never been released in any form. For us the highpoint of every show is the call and response with the audience during the bridge of this song. It feels right being able to give this song to everyone to finally take home and share with their communities so it can take on a new life of its own.”

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