“Adrenaline” by I Want Poetry

German indie pop duo I Want Poetry comes to us with a mesmerizing and inviting cinematic and melodic experience with their single, “Adrenaline”. With this beautifully magical and surreal adventure, we are reminded of the sweet electricity that surges through our bodies when we touch the hand of someone special. The soundscape is so real, so human and so inspiring that our imagination goes wild as it pictures all those moments in which our hearts have raced thanks to that touch and that warmth that only someone special can provide. The black and white visuals make the video really captivating as our senses are fed with something one of a kind and very much powerful. We can’t help ourselves and we jump into the unknow fearless as ever for we know there’s something waiting for us within the realm that resides in this one of a kind musical creation. So listen, see and breathe it all in as the melodies and verses of this song surge through your body providing you with the sweet nectar of this musical ambrosia. Enjoy!

Adrenaline is about the electrifying power that is in the first touch between two people. It is the surge of passion and curiosity, a singular moment of intimacy and excitement. Adrenaline rushes through your veins, and just the thought of what might happen gets your heart racing”

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