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“Little Dancing Demons” by FLØRE

Swedish indie singer/songwriter FLØRE explores the ins and outs of depression with the cinematic and haunting gem that is “Little Dancing Demons”. With this beautifully bittersweet and human musical creation she opens up her heart and soul and through this invites us to do the same. We can find an immediate connection with the verses in this track for while we may try to hide it, we understand the sadness and pain she speaks off. There’s something so magical yet so down to earth about this soundscape that is only enhanced by the choreography seen in the music video. So allow yourself to show the most human and honest side of your heart and fall into the realm of this must listen gem. Enjoy!

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“…Little dancing demons
Are messing with my mind
I might be okay, but they are dancing out of my sight
I try to make a home in the permanent midnight
(Gonna be okay, gonna be okay)
(Am I gonna be okay?)…”

“The day I wrote Little Dancing Demons was the darkest I ever had. I seriously wanted to die and felt so misunderstood by the whole world. I’m naturally more melancholic, but I had major depression at this point. It’s the most honest and hurting song I’ve written so far. But it makes me embrace that deep sadness and even makes me love that darker part about me.”

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