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“Hopefully” by The Royal Foundry

Canadian indie pop-rock band The Royal Foundry come to us with the powerful and mesmerizing gem that is “Hopefully”. With in your face honest lyricism the talented ensemble has crafted something that gets inspiration from the current reality of the world while crafting something surreal and palpable. There’s something about this track that inspires the listeners as it speaks of the wrongs that we commit while serving to not only a plea but an invitation to do better and be better. You can easily embrace the beauty of the soundscape and with the assistance of the visuals, we get the message that lies within it with a passionate punch. So listen closely and connect with the verses as the story that unfolds is not only theirs but ours as well. Enjoy!

“Hopefully is an exasperated plea to try and be better. In a world that hides behind computer and phone screens, too many people feel no shame, guilt or ownership for what their words/actions cause. Most of this stems from loneliness, which we all have.”

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