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“Bird Bone” by Cat Clyde

Canadian indie singer/songwriter Cat Clyde comes to Wolf in a Suit with the retro-inspired indie folk-rock gem that is “Bird Bone”. With a sweet balance between the secretive and the conspicuous, she has crafted a mesmerizing soundscape that is sure to pull you and everyone else in the world. The track is quite frankly refreshing to hear and with the surreal animation, the balance between melodies and video reaches new heights making a must-have experience for any music lover. There’s no denying that as the track unfolds your senses are fed with a sweet dose of musical ambrosia that runs through your veins and fills you with something unknown and special. So listen closely, let your eyes fall victim to the flurry of colors and enjoys this must listen gem.

“From the corners of my vision come the fading black
Deep and dark waiting to attack
Swallowing the fluttering light behind my eyes
The ability to hold my own weight has been compromised
Drooling and dripping, irreversible and imprinting
And I’m hollow
Yes I’m hollow like a Bird Bone”

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