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“Bloom” by Aaron Taos

Indie singer/songwriter Aaron Taos comes to us once more and delivers a tale of forbidden love with his latest musical gem, “Bloom”. With this playful and inviting soundscape, he takes us to a world where a love that was not supposed to happen is starting to take shape and form. In this track, he has always been in love with his friend’s sister and this was seen as a sort of taboo thing that could not be touched or thought about but finally, he does not care and wants to let it become a reality. This soundscape explores the fantasy of what could be as his hearts beats a little faster and his soul yearns for the connection to be more than just friends. With the addition of the visuals, we get a full serving of this musical creation allowing our senses to be invested and committed to what’s going to happen within this story. So dive into this new realm that Aaron has crafted for us all and enjoy the beauty, the magic and the honesty that lies within this must listen gem.

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