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“Plasterboard” by Natalie Holmes

UK based indie singer/songwriter Natalie Holmes comes to us with a beautiful blend of visuals and melodies in her latest track, “Plasterboard”. With this exquisitely crafted music video she delivers straightforward moments that manage to embrace the beauty of the sounds and lyrics perfectly. All of this united allows for something that can only be labeled as contemporary musical gold to take shape and form and pull us in. The soundscape unfolds and we are caught in a storms of feelings and emotions that are as much hers as they are ours. We jump without a care in the world to imaginary arms that wait on us with sweet tenderness and warmth. So come with me and let us hold hands as we explore the inner-works of her latest music gem. Enjoy!

“…Saw you again and my brain fried 
Felt the rubble creepin up for a landslide 
Thought whatever we were was buried and gone but hey I was wrong 
You showed me I could hold 
Anything that life throws 
And smile in the morning…”

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