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“Guard” by Julian Wasserman ft. Yates

German artist Julian Wasserman joins forces with Australian singer/songwriter Yates and together they deliver the mesmerizing gem that is “Guard”. With this visually stunning creation, they manage to connect the video with the music perfectly allowing our senses and our imagination to run wild. The track is so refreshing, so honest and so beautifully inspiring that as a music lover you can be thankful for such a perfectly crafted musical creation. There’s something so real, so human and so relatable about this song that it can pull you in and make you feel connected to something greater than yourself. The track is a poetic invitation for all of to bring our defenses down and be open to the world because we are in this together and not everyone is here to hurt you, some are here to push to your fullest capacity. So listen, be inspired and enjoy!

Get the track: HERE

“When I recorded the first parts and initial chords, I knew this had the potential to turn into something very special.” he says “It felt like I had to work on a different beat structure to what I typically do in my other productions. I ended up sending my first idea to Yates, and he was quick to respond with his first vocal recordings. His idea really captured the mood of my instrumental and gave it a whole new meaning”

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