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“Pins & Needles” by 888

Indie rock band 888 come to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the visual and sonic masterpiece that is “Pins & Needles”. With this exciting and intoxicating musical creation, the talented band deliver a raw and in your face story that is sure to immediately find a home within the listeners. The lyrics carry in them something so human, so honest and so perfectly bittersweet that we are sure to be immediately hypnotized by the unique beauty of this soundscape. Not only are we sure to be hooked through what we hear, but the visuals are so powerful and add something extra to the melodies ensuring this track becomes an instant classic within the music scene. So come with me and let us see, listen and enjoy what can only be labeled as a must listen gem.

“You know you were months to write
One year or a closer time
Then you’d treat me like a friend
We both know it has and been
Started like a vacation
Everybody’s having fun
All I want to do is run
Back to you my only love”

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