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“Sure Ain’t” by Wilder Woods

Indie singer/songwriter Bear Rinehart aka Wilder Woods delivers one of the most amazing musical creations of the year with “Sure Ain’t”. With this exquisite blend of vintage and contemporary melodies, he has crafted what can only be labeled as music gold that surpasses the limits of time and musical genres. The track is relatable and so powerful that you are immediately hypnotized by the sheer brilliance and magic of this soundscape. He allows his voice to embrace the lyrics and the story that lies within them easily capturing our attention and letting us feel the song as much his as ours. There’s no denying that we are listening and seeing something beyond words and that personally has all the makings of becoming an instant classic. So listen, see and enjoy the beauty of this amazing must listen gem.

“I’ve heard that wisdom comes from two things: love and experience,” says Wilder Woods. “But I don’t think you can understand either unless you’re willing to take the first step out of the “comfortable” and dive headfirst into the unknown.”

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