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“Little Queen” by Jake Wesley Rogers

Indie singer/songwriter Jake Wesley Rogers explores his feminine side and from this quest creates the beauty that is “Little Queen”. With lyrics that come from his heart and soul, he finally is free and allows his words to take shape and form as they unite with melodies creating a soundscape everlasting. There’s a fine dose of honesty, humanity, passion, and regret within this blend of verses and soundscape delivering something so touching and so refreshing to hear. With the visuals, he adds an extra layer making sure this song not only stands out but becomes ingrained within our memories. The song is a fine union of classic touches and contemporary vibes making it a must for any music lover no matter the age. So listen, see and above all, enjoy!

“I believe you when you lie to me

You should know that by now

You weave your words inside of me

And I wear them inside out”

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