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“Hi Lo” by Half the Animal

Los Angeles based indie pop-rock band, Half The Animal, come to us with the catchy and honest must listen gem that is “Hi Lo”. With this refreshingly unique and mature blend of melodies and lyrics, the band captures our attention while providing us with some insight into the mind of lead singer, Chase Johnson and quite frankly into our minds as well. The track blends pop and rock touches allowing his voice to truly shine through as it gives life to the verses ensuring we fall deeper and deeper down this rabbit hole they have created. We are immediately hooked by the mesmerizingly touching soundscape that takes shape and form in front of us once we press play to the video above. So listen carefully, pay attention to the visuals and enjoy this must listen gem!

[su_quote cite=”Chase Johnson of Half the Animal”]I have always felt like there are two people inside of me that constantly switch around – whether it be the introvert or the extrovert taking control. This conflict only really became more apparent to me once I hit 25 and then – bam – it was uncontrollable and could switch at the drop of a hat. Hi Lo speaks of that struggle not only for myself but for others and how it affects the interactions between people you meet or already know.[/su_quote]

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