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“Weddings & Funerals” by Royal & the Serpent

Los Angeles based indie-pop artist Royal & the Serpent comes to Wolf in a Suit with a truly mesmerizing and inspiring musical creation in “Weddings & Funerals”. With her latest single she not only delivers amazing melodies and perfect vocals but she adds well thought out and beautiful lyrics that are sure to grab the heart and soul of all who listen. The soundscape is without a doubt one of the best out there and with the addition of the music video, it instantly becomes perfect for it speaks about life and about enjoying every single moment of it. The verses remind us of the good, the bad and all the people with whom we share this adventure we call life and makes sure we understand that we cannot let it all pass us by for it is to short to not fall in love, to smile and to simply be the best you possible. Enjoy!

“Weddings & Funerals is a song about not letting life pass you by. Telling the people you love that you love them. Smiling at strangers. Doing your best. Laughing often. It represents this essence of being present, and not wasting precious time forgetting about what’s really important.” – Royal & the Serpent

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