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“Shine” by Brother Leo

Swedish supernova of talent and musical brilliance Brother Leo lands for the first time at Wolf in a Suit and he does so with “Shine”. He does the title of the track justice as he is hands down brilliant in every single way, from the lyrics to the melodies and to the exquisite control of his vocals. There’s something so surreal and unique about the song that as a listener you are immediately hypnotized by the magic that dwells within this soundscape he has crafted. Plus, to add to the experience we now have the pleasure of allowing our imagination to fly freely inspired by the visuals of this amazing music video. So listen, see and enjoy!

“The idea for this video was to illustrate a colourful trip into the subconsciousness – the feeling of being trapped and lost inside your own self-made prison and longing to find the way out” explains Brother Leo. “I was in a pretty dark place when this song came to life. The writing process turned out to be some kind of turning point for me, both personally and creatively. To some this will probably be another happy tune, but for me it means something totally different”.

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