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“Hijack” by Hein Cooper

Australian indie singer/songwriter Hein Cooper opens up his heart and soul and delivers one of the most amazing tracks ever with “Hijack”.  Within the sonic and cinematic experience that is delivered by this soundscape and music video we can immediately let our senses simply fall for all that unfolds. The track is exquisitely crafted in every single way giving music lovers a special dose of contemporary pop melodies that house lyrics made to tell a story. You can allow yourself to be invested by the blend of melodies and lyrics and add this track as a favorite to your playlist. Enjoy!

“Hijack is an idea I’ve had lying around for a couple of years. I was travelling around Europe in an old VW Polo with a friend playing festival,s and we would drive through the night quite a bit. In order to stay awake we’d listen to heavy electronic music, drink RedBull and smoke cigarettes, and it was so unhealthy but a lot of fun. I was inspired by all this music and those nights on the road. I didn’t really know what the song was about at that point but I knew it needed to carry that feeling of the night and intensity.

Two years later, after an intense experience of new love, I was able to finish the song. It’s about someone coming into your world who at first seems to be dangerous and bad for you, but ends up being exactly what you needed.”

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