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“What lovers do” by KEV

Swedish indie singer/songwriter KEV comes to Wolf in a Suit with the inviting and electric gem that is “What lovers do”. With this romantically charged soundscape, we are all invited to live and put ourselves out there in the open hoping for the best understanding that we may get hurt in the process. There’s something so human, so positive and so inspiring about the lyrics that you immediately understand and connect with it allowing yourself to smile and live. There are no fantasies in this track, but real verses that have the capacity to makes us brave once more as we search for a love so powerful and so magical that we know for sure is out there waiting for us. Enjoy!

“I want my new song to function as a reminder to love unconditionally. It’s incredibly scary to put your heart in someone else’s hands. But if you never allow yourself to be vulnerable, if you never put yourself at risk of getting hurt – you’ll regret it” says KEV, and continues:

“So… live a little! Tell someone how you feel. Go risk it all. It might just be worth it.”

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