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“Fall Away” by Mysie

UK based indie singer/songwriter Mysie delivers a new mesmerizing musical creation with her latest single, “Fall Away”. With this bittersweet and raw soundscape she explores the painful reality of a toxic relationship and through the visuals she invites into an intoxicating and haunting world. The lyrics pour with ease providing the listeners an instant connect with something deeper than the reality we exist in. It’s an eye-opening musical creation that comes from the hear and soul showcasing the pain, the sadness and all that resides within a bad relationships. We are invited to ask ourselves what we want and who we want to be with in an honest and self-exploring way. Enjoy!

“Fall Away is about growing apart from a toxic relationship. It’s about choice” explains Mysie. “Whether you choose to keep yourself in a toxic relationship, knowing subconsciously they were never good for you or whether you choose to accept, break the cycle, and walk away. Know. Your. Worth”.

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