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“Bad” by James Bay

Renowned UK based indie singer/songwriter James Bay comes to Wolf in a Suit with the bittersweet gem that is “Bad”. With this honest and raw soundscape he explores the route to breakup as two hearts go from being one together to becoming one on their own once more. It’s a bittersweet blend of melodies and lyrics that allow his voice to showcase the full range of feelings and emotions that go through us when the heart says goodbye. It’s a sad yet intoxicating musical creation that gets a special layer with the live take that makes it even more in touch with humanity and the pain of heartbreak. Dive into it and be mesmerizing by this charming yet painful story. Enjoy!

I regularly write things down in a stream of consciousness to empty my head. Oh My Messy Mind is a line I wrote on a particularly dark day a little while ago. It seemed to reflect a weight that I felt I was carrying at the time, and that comes back now and again. The songwriting that followed was me looking for a release. With Bad and the other songs on the EP I wanted to be honest about some of my own stories and other stories I was being pulled into. Bad is a break up song, it’s just not my break up.”

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