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“Forgive Me Friend” by Smith & Thell

Swedish indie folk duo Smith & Thell come back to Wolf in a Suit with an acoustic rendition of their latest must listen gem, “Forgive me friend”. With this honest and human soundscape, they explore the ups and downs of life and how sometimes as we grow relationships can sadly end. There’s a relatable and bittersweet feel to the song as it takes shape and form uniting the voice, the melodies and the lyrics to let us see something that at this point in our lives we have gone through. They embrace the painful reality that is part of growing up and understand that things not always happen because we want but sometimes things get in the way changing what was previously so easy to understand. There’s something in this must listen gem that carefully pulls the listeners into it allowing us all to feel heard and understood. So enter the world they have crafted for our senses and our heart to connect with and allow yourself to accept the bittersweet beauty and magic of this exquisite musical creation. Enjoy!

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