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“Out of my hands” by SHY Martin

Swedish indie goddess SHY Martin comes to us once with the beautiful and bittersweet tale of her gem, “Out of my hands”. With this relatable and human blend of melodies, lyrics, and emotions she caresses the painful reality of saying goodbye to something that was starting to eat her from the inside. The song’s about finally realizing that it is time to make a choice that no matter how hard it is, it must be done in order to move forward. It’s so carefully and beautifully crafted as it shows that it understands the ins and outs of the heart speaking a language that we can connect with. She has a firm grasp of the unique duality that lies within this song as pain and hope come together at this point in life providing us a chance to look back with sadness and forward with childlike joy for something new. Enjoy!

“It’s about letting go of a destructive relationship by cutting it off completely.”

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