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“Blue Velvet” by Tia Gostelow

Australian indie goddess Tia Gostelow comes to us with a wonderful and magic ballad for the modern masses with “Blue Velvet”. With this enchanting and romantically charged soundscape, she finds herself in the wonderful realm of a love so intense, so real and so out of this world that you simply want more and more of it. The track allows her voice to take a hold of the reigns and guide us through the pure and refreshing melodies that house it letting the lyrics flow through the airwaves and perfectly land within our hearts, souls and needs and wants. It is all so poetic and so inspired that as a music lover you are thankful for something like this. Enjoy!

Blue Velvet is the ballad of the album and that’s exactly what I wanted it to be. This was written in my bedroom and I just wanted to write a song that musically there wasn’t a lot going on and the vocals came right through the song. The song is about an intense love and being with someone who has made you feel ways you have never felt before and all the excitement of a new relationship.”

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