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“New York Minute” by James Riley

UK band indie singer/songwriter James Riley delivers the amazing and mesmerizing gem that is “New York minute”. With this refreshing showcase of melodies and lyrics, he transports us all to the street of New York City. We are pulled in an instant and our imagination is allowed to play and really picture the magic of the city as the lyrics take shape and form. The track blends various genres allowing James to set forth something universal and desired by the senses for it erases the so-called limits in music. He has crafted something that can only be labeled as a must listen gem. Enjoy!

“It’s a song about possibility and inspiration. New York is a place that lives and breathes its own myth, and I could feel that very viscerally when I first moved to America… there’s an uncanny, almost dreamlike feeling about that city, which I was trying to capture in the song”.

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