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“The Great Divide” by He Who Never

Aaron Rosell and August Ogren aka He Who Never come to Wolf in a Suit with their first song in 6 years, say hello to “The Great Divide”. With this exquisite blend of melodies and visuals, the talented pair delivers something refreshingly human, real and captivating. The lyrics transcend the limits of sound and manage to find a way to enter straight into our hearts and connect with something deeper that lives within us all. The balance of all the ingredients allows the track to provide us all with something unique, real and very much mesmerizing. Not only are our senses taken through a must have trip but we also get to discover a bit of the magic and beauty found in the state of Oregon as the locations seen in the video are found in this great state (Pacific City / Cape Kiwanda and Tillamook State Forest). So listen, see, jump into and enjoy the one of a kind experience that is this must listen gem.

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