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“Nightmare” by ELKI

Sydney based indie singer/songwriter ELKI comes to Wolf in a Suit with a playfully inviting and honest soundscape with “Nightmare”. Plus she manages to unite the right set of visuals to capture the magic and charm of the lyrics delivering an overall one of a kind experience. The track flows from note to note allowing the instruments and her voice to provide us all with some welcome and intoxicating. She has truly crafted a track that has it all to become an everlasting emblem of music and talent that we can all enjoy. So enter her world and let ELKI tell you something that your senses can embrace and become one. Enjoy!

“I wrote a large chunk of ‘Nightmare’ in my sleep and woke up with the opening verse fully formed.” She explains further that writing comes out of daydreaming and switching off the phone, getting into a subconscious state and tuning out. I think that’s where ‘Nightmare’ came from – my brain looking for a way to express all those pent up ideas. If I haven’t been tweaking a melody, scribbling a lyric, or re-recording a demo, I feel like it’s a day wasted. That’s why I’m a firm believer in turning the technology off and doing your own thing.”

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