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“Let him go” by Luca Vasta

German/Italian indie singer/songwriter Luca Vasta has crafted something beyond the limits of words with her latest gem, “Let him go”. With this unique and haunting musical creation, she unites the magic of two languages to tell us a story that will break your heart yet softly caress your soul. There’s something so surreal yet so easy to embrace and feel that it honestly makes the language barrier disappear without you even noticing. It’s a soft and charming tale that at times lies in the realm of poetry yet always remains true to its classic and contemporary blend of folk, pop and something unknown that makes it a soundscape for the ages. You immediately jump into it for you senses understand that within this masterpiece lies something so human, so real and so touching that you simply needed. So listen, see and enjoy this sweet dose of melodies, verses and emotions.

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