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“Mess” by Elle Azar

Indie singer/songwriter Jillian Cohen aka Elle Azar comes to Wolf in a Suit with a sonic and visual gift with her gem, “Mess”. With this honest, warm and insightful soundscape, she invites us to take a peek inside her heart and soul and discover the reality to lies not only in her but in us. The lyrics come from a place that is personal to her as she has had a journey through mental issues that I frankly believe to not only make the track relatable but even add to its beauty. The fact that she is willing to open herself up to us, the listeners, it’s welcomed and something that we should be thankful for it leads to a more human and real conversation about the mind, the heart, and the human quest filled with ups and downs. So listen carefully, embrace the lyrics and melodies and enjoy!

“I think the opening scene of the new video really says it all,” she explains. “In that segment, I’ve got a massively overwhelming pile of mess behind me, and I’m standing there with a rickety old ironing board trying to straighten it all out and clean it up. It’s a metaphor for how times in my life have felt: overwhelming, impossible, exhausting, and hopeless. There’s a point where the mountain of mess almost comes to life and feels pretty ominous, or moments where it looks like it’s swallowing me, but by the end, I’ve finally made it on top of the pile for a minute. It’s the struggle. It’s acceptance. It’s also believing you will find a way out.”

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