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“Last Lullaby” by Cat Pierce

Indie singer/songwriter/musical goddess Cat Pierce comes to us with a special treat in the shape and form of the music video for “Last Lullaby”. With this unique and insightful musical masterpiece, the ever mesmerizing artist embraces her own stories and life as she provides us with a gem that speaks about growing and killing old habits and in a way killing your old self for the person you are meant to be. With her haunting blend of lyrics and melodies, she grabs us in an instant and without a second’s notice we are hooked and transported to her soundscape. It’s beautifully inspired and relatable track for as she, we have as well killed old parts of ourselves to move to on, to grow and to mature into something more. It’s poetic and human and so perfectly crafted that it is easy to embrace and feel like ours. So listen, see and enjoy this sweet dose of magic and reality.

Previously heard track: “Go to Hell”

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