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“Wild Beast” by Ralph Pelleymounter

UK based indie singer/songwriter Ralph Pelleymounter takes us to a world made up of beautiful chaos in his latest gem, “Wild Beast”. With this track, he sets a fire in us and as it burns we feel the passion surge through our veins as the melodies take over and we are one with it. The track shines with such ease as it unfolds and captures every single one of our senses providing us with a one of a kind experience through this mesmerizing soundscape. I for one am hypnotized not only by the lyrics and the sounds but by the visuals that come at you out of nowhere finding a place within your memories. It’s a creation bound to be everlasting and to become an instant favorite of all who love music. So come with me and let us enter this world he has crafted out of the mundane and the surreal and enjoy this must listen gem.

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