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“Never be yours” by My Ugly Clementine

From Austria comes the new supergroup of your dreams, say hello to My Ugly Clementine and their debut single, “Never be yours”. With this track, they put up their flag up from the highest point and invite the world to see and listen to what they have to offer. From what we can hear from this song, I can honestly say: “It’s so damn good and you, your friends, your mom and everyone you know should listen”. So enter their world and explore the mesmerizing blend of classic and modern indie rock that traverses through their soundscape as their lyrics tell us a story that we can connect with. There’s something about this track that just pulls you in and with the addition of the visuals the experience becomes something you definitely don’t want to miss. So let’s do this and let us enjoy one of the finest showcases of talent, music, and passion that I’ve heard in a while.

The band features: Mira Lu Kovacs (of 5kHD, Schmieds Puls), Kathrin Kolleritsch (formerly with Kaiko) and Barbara Jungreithmeier (Daffodils)

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