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“Never Go Back” by Dennis Lloyd

Israel born and raised indie singer/songwriter Dennis Lloyd comes to Wolf in a Suit with a passionate and real tale of heartbreak with “Never Go Back”. With this heartwrenching soundscape, he tells us a story that comes from the heart and from the pain it once felt. He crafts melodies and lyrics filled with feelings and emotions that evoke the experiences lived and feed our imagination to really connect. The track is powerful and shoots like an arrow straight to the heart which is perfectly complemented by the visuals allowing us to really have something palpable and more human. There’s no denying that Dennis has created something magnificent and the story he tells us is one we can instantly feel and really believe. We have been in his shoes, finding ourselves wanting and not wanting at the same time because the pain and the residues of what was still can’t come to a decision. So pay attention and sing along to this mesmerizing indie rock heartbreak ballad. Enjoy!

[su_quote cite=”Dennis Lloyd”]Shooting the music video in Sri Lanka was surreal in so many ways. The video is loosely based on my previous relationship and the time we spent together. In some senses, this video felt like closure to me. It was very difficult to recreate though, as I had to relive the relationship falling apart.[/su_quote]

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