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“Tea Stains” by Didirri & Ro

Australian singer/songwriters Ro and Didirri join forces and together they deliver the honest beauty of the gem that is “Tea Stains”. With this track, both incredibly talented artists open up their hearts and souls and deliver a blend of melodies and lyrics that paint an enticing and mesmerizing picture. You’ll feel immediately hypnotized by the verses as the story that dwells within is so intoxicating, so honest and beautifully bittersweet that you can even feel the tea being spilled. They complement each other in a way that is so incredibly natural and charming that the feelings and emotions of the melodies and visuals step out of the realm of the headphones and the screens to real life. So listen closely, sway from side to side and enjoy one hell of a must listen gem.

[su_quote cite=”Ro & Didirri”]We wrote this a summer and a half ago on a cheap beat up acoustic bass. Didirri’s first single ‘Blind You’ had just been uploaded and we didn’t know what was going to happen. It was nice to unexpectedly bust out a collab song that was fun and quirky.

The song is a play on that ‘best friends accidentally falling for each-others’ story, with tensions and unsaid truths over cups of tea. It’s also a subtly sarcastic comment on the idea that a cuppa solves everything.

Love is hard to communicate, especially when it sneaks up on you. You just want to spill out all the raw, repressed feelings that you’ve pent up in a friendship or relationship. A cuppa is not just a cuppa, and the tiny tea bag contains all of the real baggage.[/su_quote]

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