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“Color” by Noé

Indie singer/songwriter Noé comes to us with a beautifully inspiring and honest gem in her latest track, “Color”. With the soundscape of this track, she pulls us in an inviting and subtle manner that allows for us to connect the dots in our heads as the song unfolds. The lyrics take shape and tell a story that to some is eerily familiar and the beauty of these verses is that they empower you and pick you up through her voice, her sounds and that unknown it that is part of her. There’s something that makes this song so special, so real and so share-worthy that you just people to hear it with you, it does not matter where but you want them to hear it. Because it might just be what they needed to smile today and that is such a wonderful capacity for a song to have. Enjoy!

Get the track : https://fanlink.to/NoeColor

[su_quote cite=”Noé”]In Color, I move away from the self-deprecating approach to lyrics. Like too many, I struggle with depression and anxiety. Here’s me getting real and calling out depression for the abusive relationship that it is, but also coming to terms with the fact that it’s a part of me and will never truly go away. Admitting that and not writing a delusional “I got rid of depression” victory song truly empowered me. And even today, when I hit the lows, listening to/performing “Color” empowers me. I just hope that when needed, it can help someone else feel a little empowered too.[/su_quote]

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