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“Daylight” by Whale City

German indie band Whale City arrive at Wolf in a Suit for the first time with the blend of visuals and sounds of their gem, “Daylight”. With this romantic yet bittersweet gem, the band open up their hearts and souls and lets us take a peek inside the sadness that overpowers the slight rays of hope. Through relationships at times without notice, you find yourself at the end of your rope and you catch glimpses of a hand coming to save you, but it is not enough to hold on to and stay strong. It’s an honest and human reaction that through struggle and pain still comes to an end because love is a thing of two and at times once it’s gone it never comes back. So shed a tear for a fallen heart, but smile because there’s still light outside waiting to be found. Enjoy!

“To recognize an end is one thing. But the other thing is to really put an end to it. The withdrawal from the usual togetherness is an inner struggle, especially when the other person is still close to one’s heart and when there are rays of hope in the darkness again and again, which are still not enough to reignite love”

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