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“Girls like me” by Fiona Grey

Los Angeles based Indie singer/songwriter Fiona Grey opens up her heart and soul and gives us the beauty that is “Girls like me”. With this track, she shows us a vulnerable of her persona and invites to show that as well for there’s beauty in the real us. The soundscape is simply exquisite, subtle and inviting in every way for it speaks from her heart and lands directly in our hearts creating a beautiful connection between us and her. The visuals allow us to see beyond the artist and take a look at the woman who is passionate, strong, fearful, joyful and filled all the colors of the rainbow letting us see the magic of her lyrics reflected in her. This is without a doubt an amazing musical creation that is not only charming but inspiring. So listen closely, close your eyes and enjoy!

“There is a lot about living in a pop culture centered world that we deem as ‘normal behavior’. I hope that the music can remind the listener that this follower-centric, alternate persona universe we live in is all temporary happiness.”

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