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“Ghost Notes” by Marinho

Lisbon born and raised Filipa Marinho aka Marinho comes to us with her mesmerizing debut single, “Ghost Notes”. With this gentle, caring and honest soundscape, the talented singer/songwriter enters the music scene and we should all pay attention. She tells us stories about past, present and future loves that are emotionally intense and so natural to grasp and connect with. Her lyrics paint a picture that explores the ins and outs of modern romance in a way that is real and so human inviting us to take part in this quest. There’s something so beautifully surreal yet so palpable to the touch that we can’t help but shed a tear, give a crooked smile and simply close our eyes and enjoy it all. So hold my hand my dear friend and let us enter the world she has created for herself and strangely for us all.

“The writing of this song and album coincided with my growing feminist side as I felt inspired by a lot of women that pick up their guitars to do the same. Representation is very important to me and played a key role in my willingness to make music, so releasing ‘Ghost Notes’ on Women’s Day just resulted in a cosmic coincidence that really made sense to me”

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