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“Say Amen” by American Authors ft. Billy Raffoul

American Authors partnered up with Billy Raffoul to give us one of the best track to end 2018 with a bang with the gem that is “Say Amen”. The track unites two of best vocals in the rock scene with the showcase of Zac Barnett’s and Billy Raffoul’s voices allowing for a truly special treat. The soundscape provided to us all with the union of melodies and lyrics of this track serves to give us a one of a kind mesmerizing experience that is sure to be more than memorable. With the visuals, they added a refreshingly charming and haunting layer that ties it all together and complements the sounds perfectly. Overall the whole musical experience is one of the best any music lover could have hoped for and makes us want another one in the future (whether near or not). Enjoy!

“Since I’ve seen your light
Since I’ve held you, my friend
I don’t feel alright
If you were with me, I could say Amen”

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