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“Rudeboy Lovesong” by SHY FX Ft. Sweetie Irie & Cara Delevingne

UK based artists SHY FX, Sweetie Irie, and Cara Delevingne join forces to deliver the mesmerizing creation that is “Rudeboy Lovesong”. With this refreshing, honest and one of a kind musical creation, these talented artists give us all a real treat as the track is an immediate hit. The right melodies are set in place allowing the male and female vocals to appear and set something special in motion. The track is hands down one of the best I’ve heard and the visuals complement it perfectly allowing for a full experience for our senses to rejoice. There’s no denying that this soundscape is so pure, so human and so full of feelings and emotions that it is sure to touch something within you. Maybe you shed a tear, maybe a little smile, or maybe you stay and close your eyes and the sounds and lyrics surround the airwaves around you. Enjoy!

“It’s been incredible collaborating with Sweetie and Cara on this record. The goal was to create something unpredictable and non obvious which is a persistent theme on the SoundTape. Doing a video with a dystopian feel also fits that theme and was something I’ve wanted to do for a while. Big up Felix Brady the director who really delivered for us.” – Shy FX

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