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“Acapella” by Tim Schou

Danish indie singer/songwriter Tim Schou comes back to Wolf in a Suit with a story of young love and honest verses with his latest track, “Acapella”. Through this marvelous sonic and visual ride, Tim transports to his own story of childhood, love, heartache and the honest feeling to unites it all. The soundscape is soothingly charming, calm and invites the listener to really pay attention and dive into this world that borrows from the reality that once was for him. There’s something that lets the listener feel connected and completely invested as the verses unfolds and the melodies give it a home for us to smile, cry and let our hearts beat a little faster. Enjoy!

”Acapella has a special and innocent feel to it. It’s about my old high school crush, whom I was in love with on and off throughout most of my childhood and even into my adult life. I convinced the woman in question to play herself in the video, and getting it all out like this is like saying goodbye to a part of myself. With this song and video, I’m closing a teenage-chapter… in a good way”

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