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“GP Motorcycle Racing” by Niki Moss

Portuguese indie singer/songwriter Miguel Vilhena aka Niki Moss comes to Wolf in a Suit for the first time with his latest, “GP Motorcycle Racing”. With this inspiring and haunting track he blends old school and contemporary musical touches to deliver something uniquely familiar and refreshing. The soundscape provides the listener with an otherworldly vibe that transports us to the races and allows us all to be part of it. Plus the visuals complement the sonic experience in a way that is so natural, so charming and so inexplicably mesmerizing. So dive into his melodies and allow the verses to tell you a story that you’ll fall for. Enjoy!

Motorcycle races are a thrilling experience to watch, it’s inspiring how these riders commit to overcome their humanity by achieving unnatural speeds at the cost of heavy risks. I felt the urge to come up with a song about it to include on the album. It was an exciting experience to write about what seems to be a lost subject in music

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