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“Erazor” by Benz

Swedish indie singer/songwriter Ebba Salomonsson aka Benz comes to us with refreshing fun and inviting indie rock gem in her latest track, “Erazor”. The soundscape is playful and really captures you as you listen for it feels like home and then the lyrics speaks of fears and emotions that some of us have had making us feel understood. She pays attention to the world that surrounds her and adds herself into the equation allowing the song to feel human and relatable. Plus the unique counterbalance of the verses with the melodies makes for an exhilarating experience for any music lover. The track is so easy to fall for and therefore I just did and enjoyed one of the most amazing songs of the year so far.

[su_quote cite=”Benz”]’Erazor’ is about moving to a new city and all the fears and emotion that comes with something that big – both the good and bad. The video reflects the sound more than the story. I wanted to capture the playfulness of the song. That’s Wy Ebba Gustafsson Ågren (director) captured me having fun and playing around on the Swedish countryside.[/su_quote]

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