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“L’impossibile” by Fil Bo Riva

Rome born/Berlin-based indie singer/songwriter Fil Bo Riva comes to us with a magically mesmerizing must listen track in “L’impossibile”. With this track, the talented artist takes a different route than what we are used to, but he does so in a way that charms us and makes us fall to our knees.  He takes his native Italian and along with English, he creates a modern showcase of love, romanticism and the powerful nature of music as it blends both languages perfectly. To complement it, the music video caresses that same route of blending different touches as the visuals unite vintage and contemporary touches beautifully. So dive into this most amazing track and enjoy one of the best of the year so far.

“‘L’impossibile’ is the first song ever I wrote in italian, it’s one of my personal favourites on the album and the one I’m most proud of. The melody and lyrics were actually written while on holiday in italy, I had no instruments with me so the chord progressions were just made up in my mind and I really had to focus on the words and story.”

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