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“Steady” by Mark Diamond

Indie pop singer/songwriter Mark Diamond comes to us with a smooth and charming must listen gem in “Steady”. With this track he allows his voice to showcase its chameleonic nature as it blends with the arrangement of the instruments perfectly. The track is so unique yet also something about it feels familiar, classic and so utterly inviting that you can’t help but just listen to it over and over again. With this live video, you get an extra feature in that you can actually see how the track takes over him and through that it takes over us. So just listen, see, groove side to side and enjoy!

“We were actually working on starting a different song when we got side tracked and made ‘Steady.’ That happens a lot. This song was written, tracked and produced all in one night. There is no better feeling than finishing a record that quick. It takes away having to overthink or doubt certain melodies and lyrics. We got back into the studio the next day, had a quick listen and started the next. ‘Steady,’ along with the others, we let come naturally. Also, just the overall energy this song brought into the studio was one I can’t personally explain.”

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