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“Sweet Lie” by Max Jury

Indie singer/songwriter Max Jury brings to us a perfect blend of visuals and melodies with his latest gem, “Sweet Lie”. With the music video, this talented artist provides us with something special as all our senses are invited to dance and experience all that this track has to offer. There’s something so mesmerizingly real and honest about the manner in which his voice carries the lyrics and unites them perfectly with the melodies. You can’t help but feel hypnotized by the entirety of the soundscape and the visuals that go with it. So simply sit down and just enjoy one of the best pop songs of 2019.

Get the Song: https://max-jury.lnk.to/ListenID

“Robin does this sophisti-pop, neo-soul thing that I was really interested in combining with what I had to bring to the table, ‘Sweet Lie’ was the starting point of our relationship. It started out as a Chet Baker-style thing on a Fender Rhodes keyboard, but Robin said he’d like to try and pick up the tempo and turn it into something a little groovier. I’ve spent my whole life sitting at the piano and playing sad songs. When you’re in your bedroom writing your first record, the songs just come out. You don’t think about being on stage and playing them live. Now that I’m playing shows and doing all these festivals, I wanted to have something that everyone can dance to.”

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